Afro-Pop Group Kleensers Are Set To Release A Song Titled “Montana

Kleensers, an afro-pop group are set to release a banger titled “Montana”, the driving force behind the song is, ladies who agree to be in a relationship with men after they accept their proposals should make it a point to be very tolerant and exercise a little patience when issues pop up and argument sets in. The song carries a lot of emotions, a song people can easily relate to especially couples who find their selves in relationships that lacks simple understanding and patience.


Inspired by a couple who found themselves in a promising relationship, the lady’s natural physique is so adorable whereas the gentleman possesses a casual look. They really blend together extremely well, one could never live behind the other, they primarily lived and did everything together happily, until hell broke loose all of a sudden; the lady’s attitude towards her partner changed drastically due to some little issue they could have easily solved amicably but they blew the chance. At the end the guy was left broken hearted.


Kleensers decides to voice on a beat produced by Tim Beatz and construct a soothing lyrics for this classical reality of life into music. Song drops officially on Tuesday 5 September 2017.