Dancehall act, Kaakie no two ways has been hitting hard at MzVee at the least opportunity. Times without number, has Kaakie said words about MzVee that’s not too cool.

Well MzVee has reacted to the brouhaha between she and Kaakie. According to MzVee, Kaakie was someone she admired before entering the showbiz industry. She added that she doesn’t have a problem with Kaakie but she feels Kaakie has a problem with her. She went on to say that anytime Kaakie talks about her, it’s just the negative, hitting hard at her among others. She disclosed this in an interview with Hitz FM.

‘Kaakie was one person I admired before entering the industry. I’ve always been cool with her, I just don’t know what wrong I did against her. Anytime she talks about me, it’s just the negative, always hitting hard at time. I think Kaakie just doesn’t like me.” The Natural girl hit maker said.

The emotional MzVee continued, “I don’t even know what to say, if somebody doesn’t like you, the person won’t. I don’t have anything against Kaakie. Anytime I see her, I say hi to her. I’ve not met her and not said hi before”.