The Benefits Of Being Able To Manipulate Pdf Files Online

Technology has advanced a lot in the past two decades. This has opened countless doors for people to
exploit technology and to make it work in their advantage. The PDF file format itself is a revolutionary
means of creating, editing, sending and receiving text and images. Thanks to the PDF format you are
able to read entire books in a friendly and comfortable to absorb format directly on your computer or
mobile device. This kind of freedom wasn’t available not that very long ago, relatively speaking.

But while the PDF format has been around and putting in invaluable work for quite a few years, it has
managed to get even better when it had officially gotten added as a compatibility to Google Chrome.
What this means is that people are now able to access and interact with PDF documents directly on
Google’s Chrome browser. There are usually two categories of PDF users when it comes to this feature:
Those that are aware of it and those that aren’t. From the former category, not everyone is aware of
just how important this capability is.

Being able to access documents on the fly
Being able to access a document sporadically and on the fly is something extremely valuable especially
when you’re working with time sensitive affairs or have a lot of deadlines. When want nothing more
than to access a PDF file even though you’ve just unpacked a brand new computer, keep in mind that
you can use the Chrome browser to get your job done.
Being able to access PDFs through Chrome opens open the possibility of accessing your information
from virtually anywhere, not having need of any additional software to get the basics running.

Being able to share anywhere, anytime
Sometimes, PDFs aren’t just for you. Maybe there are for a friends or colleague or maybe they are for an
entire team over at the office. In this case, you need to take into account that they need to be able to
open it. Except, you really don’t. That would have been the case if another format would have been
used. PDF however can be easily accessed through the browser which means that no matter who you
send it to, the document will be available for access as long as they have an internet browser installed.

Access to education
You can even include education on the list of departments that benefit from this Chrome feature. You
can read textbooks on Chrome with no problem at all, making it very convenient to use Google’s
browser to catch up on your reading even when you’re not at home. Need a quick revision of your
information before an important exam? You can just go to the IT centre in your school or college and
open the PDF textbook saved in your Google Drive account for example. From there, you can just open
the file and take a second look at any topic you might still be a bit shaky on.